The Seven Centers of Energy and its relationship to the physical, energetic and psychical aspects of Human Being: Brief description.


1º Root Center is located on the base of the spine, includes legs, sole of the feet and perineum. Root Chakra generates and supplies energy to the whole body and it´s the main responsible for organic human health. It represents the life of the organic physical matter. Its principal forces connect us with the will of living, a sense of vitality, self- security, assertiveness and self-confidence. It gives us the inner power and determination as well as the strength to defend our own space and to set our limits. We need this element of strength to realize a project even to defend an idea. It is the so-called “tribal energy” as well as the feeling of belonging (to a family, a group, a country). It is associated with the expression” to be down to earth”, and the sense of reality.


2º Lumbo Sacral or Hara Center: it covers the lower lumbar spine and the pelvis. Its main function is to distribute the energy generated by the first Chakra. It is therefore responsible for health and energy flow. It is also the center of sensuality and sexuality, the mutual attraction between energies which have a similar way of felling existence. It gives us the ability to enjoy along with others full joy and freedom.


3º Solar Plexus Center: It is placed in the stomach (digestive organs), Ruling the emotional life. Everything depends on the color of the glass through which we look. Its main characteristic is subjectivity. In yoga the word “Maya” means “emotion” which can be defined as, hopes, whishes and fantasies. It also means "network" or "web”: what we are build up with the impressions we receive from the outside world. “Expression” means "outward pressure" while the word “emotion” means "outward movement”. The aim is to be able to express emotions kept imprisoned within ourselves, and the way is by an energetic and emotional releasing, so necessary to move forward in life. To the extent that happens this energy becomes a center of tenderness, empathy and beauty. That means: to look at the right side of life. Then it becomes the source of expression of our personal strength. At this level, we have the ability to choose our life as we want it and to take full responsibility for our choices. We can choose to have a fulfilled life.


4th Heart Center: Placed on the chest, arms and palms of the hands: the heart chakra is the house of feelings and relationships: trust, compassion, help, to be oneself up, and nobility. Those are the natural energies of this center when is balanced. It is also a center of ideals and inner projects which are ruling our behavior. Our most important purpose in life is to break the armors free in order to stop generating struggle and competitiveness and finally be able to manifest its true nature which is genuine love. In sum, we restore to health relationships and the entire whole social network of links to realize unconditional love.


5º Throat Center: Placed on the neck, shoulders and cervical spine, it applies to the intellectual function, the rational and analytical mind both the learning process and its techniques. Through this center we learn about the world and can communicate what we think and feel in a neat and clear way. Due to this learning process in our western culture it is usually linked to a “center of control”: the judgment and criticism tend to become a real repressor over this center spreading it out to all other aspects of human being. Which means as well to bear what I dislike, what I don´t want, but what I am supposed to. All this together leads to the following result: in first term they produce an estrangement and later disconnection from what I feel, I need, and who I am. At a physical level its external signs are: cervical ache, stress and pain of the cervical spine and trapezoids, spinal disk hernias, jaw arthritis. All these physical dysfunctions related with over control are usually known as “the Syndrome of Atlas”: Meaning “lay down all concerns in our shoulders”. In fact, we don’t need to change our life or job, “The Syndrome of Atlas” disappears step by step by little changes but at last with great results in the way of behave: over responsible also the attitude of being always bearing.


“The work done on the Throat Center refers to reducing excessive control and to dismantle beliefs and ideas which are ruling our lives. In the movement sessions we play with letting yourself go, to search the joyful child who lives within you. Regaining spontaneity, freedom and letting the creativity flow, which is what happens when we go beyond mind and lose up the stiffness of being always in control”.


6º Front Center: The seat of the "Higher Self”, also called the "Impartial Observer": the acceptance without judgment of everything that happens inside and outside. It represents the creative mind. Its development gives us new ways of thinking and doing as well as the chance to create new connections in our brain. Lead us to intuition as a natural capability. Focusing our attention on here and now, being fully present without attachments to the past or worries about the future.

7th Crown Center: This is the core which connects us to the transpersonal level. In fact, it is the awareness of being part of something much bigger than ourselves. It is the "Cosmic Consciousness" and represents the spiritual dimension.