The body from a transpersonal view


“Life is pure energy, love and consciousness”. This is our human potential.




Our departing point is that human being is made up of a central core, the essence or soul which is the real source of everything we will be expressing all along life. The more I develop the ability to express myself, the most fulfilled I am, the more conscious of my individuality I will be, thus, the more efficient I will become, together with an increasing inner feeling of  Presence.

The beating idea behind this work is mainly to help people recognizing and manifesting this inner potential in their daily lives. Consequently the great feeling of realizing how able they are to express this potential Love, Consciousness and Strength:  how much love I am capable to share?, how deeply I understand the meaning of my life?, how much I train my own strength.

From this transpersonal view we boost the rebirth of a much wider consciousness: to grow intuition of being part of something bigger, that is to say a Universal Intelligence, a Universal Love. Meditation shows us the way to open ourselves to those levels of consciousness which take us beyond the individual consciousness: "We are one.










"Quantum physics has confirmed that everything in life is vibration, everything is constantly in motion. The universe is made of rotary wheels, mills, planets, the wheel or circle of life”. Everything is flowing energy. At the present time we know much more about the physical and psychological effects on our body of energy blockages caused by profound experiences from the past as well as beliefs and attitudes which are modifying the vibration frequencies of human cells and its entire energy system.

The Energy Centers is a comprehensive system of personal growth and self evolution which takes the body as the gateway to the other planes of human being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Based on the “Energy Centers Theory” from Yoga and in co-relation to the "Muscle Armours" theory from Wilhelm Reich develops an in-depth work on each of the seven “energy centers”. Each one of them has its own intelligence and its own expressive language.

Our main aim it is to get in contact with these intelligences, which potentially already exist inside of us, and thus expand them.




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