WILHELM REICH: "The muscular armor"


Dr.Reich, medical doctor, psychoanalyst and initially Freud´s disciple, introduced in psychotherapy the concept of "muscular armour": a "chronic muscle tension" which affects the deep muscles structure. The main function is to limit the feeling of pain and sorrow.

This concept was studied by Dr. Ardiles to integrate it to the area of energy centers movement and deep tissue massage. From this departing point he developed a specific psycho-physical work to each different kind of energetic armour in relation to the centers of energy.

"These armours represent a barrier for the free movement of energy. Eventually this way of protection ends up by producing muscle contractures, physic pain and movement difficulties. The armours keep inside the energy from the blocked emotion; deep tissue massages and body movement helps to release these emotions and memories.

All energetic armour contains a frozen story which is been forgotten trough along time: things that were never said or cried out, the unexpressed anger. However these emotions become muscle tensions which shape our body. And so, we become fixed to a Body Posture: A psychophysical way of being, standing, moving, breathing, feeling, acting and thinking. Armours will gradually dissolve while mobilizing hold emotional energy. The result is in a complete cleaning of our energy system as a whole, giving us a sense of freedom, fullness, and wellness.




For more than 2000 years Yoga tells us about the existence of the energy centers. The vital energy or prana flows through a complex network of channels of subtle material that are called Nadis and that we call "energy lines”. Besides those lines circulating through the Nadis, pranic energy concentrates in deposits or stations called "chakras" ("wheels" in sanskrit language) which are the true storages, power engines and distribution transformers.

These "centers" are the points of contact of subtle structures with the physical body; therefore they also are real centers of consciousness, and which conventional medicine has recognized as the Grand Sympathetic nerve plexus.


What the Energy Centers are?

The Energy Centers are transversal segments of the human trunk which globally form a Functional Unity. According To yoga, there are seven major centers of energy distributed along the spine. Each "Center" includes: a group of organs, an endocrine gland and certain muscles coordinated by a plexus of the Autonomic Nervous System as well as a portion of the Central Nervous System. The energy distribution depends on these centers and the ways they function gives, in fact, the primacy of certain physiological and psychological functions over others. This predominance of some aspects and qualities at the expenses of other weakened determines the way energetic movement flows and affects our physical and mental health.