To the extent that we let go and clean our energy centers, emotions and ancient beliefs as well as positive qualities which have also been awaken and activated, they begin to crop out the surface and to become a part of our daily lives. We recover the energy that once was invested in maintaining our emotional blockages as well as the personal strength, cheerfulness, lightness, becoming more and more living in the present. Thus means that my own life is renewed also my relationship with the world and others.

We know at present that each "center" has its own intelligence linked with certain human capacities which development leads us to the new understanding of completeness and Unity.




Root Chakra: to recover our contact to the earth, and a Sense of reality .We are more in touch with listening: to listen to the physical and organic body and its intelligence. To be in touch with survival instincts and the ability to self-support yourself on your legs in a material life: being able to generate the necessary resources to up hold yourself in the material: having a fine job, living in your own home, receiving a good salary that gratifies you.

Hara Chakra: to be more in contact with sensuality and sexuality in a balanced way. It is closely linked with energy flow and health, to the gift to enjoy life and feel satisfaction with any activity I do.

Solar Plexus chakra: To learn to get in contact with the emotional level, related with being in touch with our true needs, our capacity for tenderness, empathy and beauty. Indeed to feel the power to make changes in order to design the life we truly want for us.

Heart Chakra: To improve real contact with oneself and others and to express our feelings. The departure is not really with the feeling of love, but the Heart Chakra evolution leads us to feel that love we keep inside, softening the armours and the stiffness of the chest, increasing at last our Self-esteem.

Throat Chakra: While exercising its full function and intelligence it is a self-expression conductor. It is the Communicator. It represents the connection bridge between mind and body. At this level we release muscle tension and control repression releasing our critique inner voice, that´s how we restore the mind-body connection: the mind begins to know what the body feels and the body assumes its bonding with the spiritual side of life.

Third eye: We learn to develop the skills to look both inside and outside simultaneously without losing ourselves, moreover to develop an integrated understanding: The Self-Observer, the Neutral Mind with its capability to be present here and now.

Seventh Chakra: It is naturally integrated within us when we raise profound awareness that we are part of a whole. Meditation it is a very helpful way to achieve that state of consciousness.